The Way Outfitters Adventures National Weekly TV Series

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The Way Outfitters Adventures

is a federally approved 501(c) (3) charity providing support to disabled and terminally ill Youth and U.S. Veterans. Everyone involved serve as volunteers...there are no paid employees. Over a hundred guests facing serious challenging have been treated to 3-day adventures. Pictures and stories of a selection of these guests can be seen on Facebook at The Way Outfitters.

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Roger and Sue Devenport, founders of The Way Outfitters are pictured with Laura and
A.J. Hawk on either side of Alex Schultz and his deer. Laura is the wife of Green Bay
Packer A.J., and is co-host of the TV Series. Click on the [Alex Schultz] link to read
about his story of overcoming. Photo courtesy Shutterbug, Eagle River, WI

About Each Program

Each weekly half-hour program will feature two adventure stories. One will be with a youth, the other an American veteran. Their story of overcoming will be shared plus their excitement of hunting, fishing or other outdoor adventure.